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Transformative Hairstyling Services in San Diego

Love your look with our complete line of hairstyling services, including full hair weaves and more. Innovations 2000 Black Hair Salon in San Diego, California, is the place to make your hair look fantastic.


Now is the best time to chose the style or look you want, it is your choice. Simply because all looks are in, the old-school looks are back. Like Afros, finger waves, flips, if you would like a Billie Holiday look, or a Betty Boop, it’s up to you. Or a newly designed Mohawk, with lavender highlights. Fashions for hair and clothes have come full circle. So your flavor or choice depends on you.

Our stylists can provide you with all the latest hairstyles, whether it is an updo, bob, or the latest trend, such as a Rihanna mohawk. Our price range is $45 to $100, depending on what style you prefer. We do Press n Curls, Wraps, Pony Tails, French Rolls, Finger Waves, Texturizers, Shampoo Sets, Blow Dry Flat Irons, and much, much more.

Relaxer Service Results in San Diego

Relaxers & Perms

Treat your hair with our perms and relaxers, or for those clients who would like to get away from the relaxed look try our body wave. Body waves are easy to maintain with fewer visits to the salon. Once you contact us, we consult with you to explain the different types of perms available. Everyone’s head is different so we do not always use the same perm or relaxer. Once you contact us, we will consult with you and explain the best chemicals for your type and texture of hair. Our price range is $65 to $100, depending on the perm and the length of your hair. The time frame varies by how much hair you have and what you want to be done.

Super Pacs

Check out our line of Reconstructor Super Pacs™. Stronger than conditioners, they build up the strength/elasticity in the hair and provide extra moisture. The Super Pac is designed to help those clients who have problems with breakage and thinning hair.

Contact us to find out more about our hairstyling services.